Grand Park City Hall

A sustainable and timeless architecture

The Project

The facelift of Grand Park City Hall was designed with the purpose of harnessing the rich cultural heritage and history of the Civic District while introducing a touch of modernity to the overall charm of the area. The new hotel features a timeless colonial facade that is articulated with integrated sky terraces within the retail and dining podium.

Energy harnessed from PV panels for the hotel tower, with the expected energy savings from the host of sustainable initiatives, is about 2,850,000 kWh a year.

Huge energy savings through sustainable initiatives

At A Glance

Area: 21,170 m2

Location: 10 Coleman Street, Singapore

Completion: 2018

Grand Park Property Pte Ltd

Scope of Work:
Architectural, CS Engineering


BCA Green Mark Awards Platinum

The Challenge

To align with the hotel’s sustainability drive, the team used their knowledge and understanding of the building’s physical aspects and the hotel's operational consumption to examine performance of various energy aspects and offer the most optimum solution to achieve an efficient building.