Capital Tower

A reflection of dynamism and growth

The Project

The design reflects the growth of a sapling, anchored firmly in the podium tower, ending with a crown at the top. The tower is well integrated with its surrounding city fabric. Functions within the buildings are clearly articulated and an unobstructed urban plaza provides convenient access to the building.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design an office building that positively responds to its urban context, and optimizes the development potential of the site both commercially and aesthetically. This led to an integration of the tower and the urban park into one unified complex, and the integration of the complex into the city fabric.

One of the first office buildings to be recognised for its green features soon after the Green Mark scheme was launched.

Key focus on sustainable design


BCA Green Mark Awards Gold

BCA Green Mark Awards Gold

FIABCI World Prix D’ Excellence Awards Special Recognition

ASEAN Energy Award 1st Runner-Up

At A Glance

Area: 95,555.7 m2

Location: 168 Robinson Road, Singapore

Completion: 2000

CapitaLand Ltd

Scope of Work:

Fitted with integrated intelligent systems