RSP celebrates 60 years

23 Nov 2016

This October, RSP marked its 60th anniversary with a series of activities: the launch of its first coffee table book, an anniversary celebration with clients and partners, and a fun-filled event for staff.

Commemorative book launch

RSP’s commemorative 60th anniversary book titled RSP60 traces the history of the practice through six decades of growth and success. Opening with RSP’s beginnings, the book progresses through the firm’s leadership evolution, local and overseas expansion, and corporate culture. Several chapters are dedicated to showcasing RSP’s multiple and varied work spanning the globe, with insightful texts and photographs illustrating projects that range from residences and office buildings to infrastructure and master plans. A segment profiles various staff from across the organisation as well as from RSP offices overseas.

The book was launched October 18 at Goodwood Park Hotel to coincide with RSP’s 60th anniversary celebration with clients and service partners.

60th anniversary with clients and service partners

Nearly 400 clients and service partners toasted to RSP’s health and success at its 60th anniversary celebration. The evening was filled with tributes to RSP’s pioneer leaders as well as the stakeholders that have followed and supported the company over the last 25 years and become part of the RSP family.

Following a warm welcome by RSP HR Director Eleanor Nah, guests watched a short video containing messages from RSP’s senior management thanking those who have keenly supported the firm over the years. This was followed by heartfelt speeches by RSP Senior Director Liu Thai Ker, Rowsley Chairman Ng Ser Miang, and guest-of-honour Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance.

Noting how RSP had a first generation leadership that instilled a strong work ethic, strong design ethos, and values of integrity, teamwork and innovation, Minister Wong expressed confidence that this culture and values will continue to be passed down to the firm's future generations.

Other high points of the evening were the launch of RSP's 60th anniversary book and exhilarating live music performances by local talents.

Celebrating with RSP staff

RSP continued its anniversary celebrations with a staff appreciation night on October 19, held also at Goodwood Park Hotel.

Staff both new and old enjoyed a slideshow of a trip down RSP's memory lane featuring old photographs donated by long-standing staff or unearthed from company archives. Laughter rippled through the audience as many recognised themselves in photographs from the gaudy 70's and 80's. The night progressed with a sumptuous buffet spread, exciting music performances and boisterous games.

RSP’s managing directors gave an address thanking the staff for faithfully upholding the firm’s values and contributing to its success. Taking a retrospective look at RSP’s 60-year legacy, the MDs wished the firm many prosperous years ahead and called on everybody to carry forward the vision of enriching and transforming lives.