Sustainable and maintainable buildings

14 Sep 2016

Maintainability has  been  identified  as  one  of  the  key  areas  in  which  the build industry must  achieve  significant  improvement.

The Design for Maintainability Seminar organised by BCA on 5 September 2016 at JEM Office Tower aimed to provide industry professionals with a  better understanding of the concept of integrating maintainability in the upstream design process, with a view to achieving productivity, safety and labour efficiency in downstream building maintenance activities.

The seminar also marked the launch of BCA's Design for Maintainability Checklist, which details a set of practices and methods in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings that will result in the most cost-effective life cycle.

'Breathing Tree' concept

Speaking at the seminar, RSP’s Senior Associate Director Timothy Tan gave a presentation titled 'Office Tower as a Breathing Tree: Integration of Design for Maintainability and Green Sustainability'.

Using the example of CapitaGreen, an RSP project in collaboration with Toyo Ito Architects, Timothy explained how the building’s design concept of a 'living plant' translated to various external and internal design features with an emphasis on maintainability from a design perspective.

CapitaGreen is one of the greenest office towers in the CBD and a model building of good maintainability considerations. It has won multiple awards including BCA UD Mark Awards (Platinum), BCA Construction Excellence Awards and BCA Construction Productivity Awards (Platinum) in 2016; BCA BIM Awards (Projects) for Architecture and C&S Engineering (Platinum) in 2015; and BCA Green Mark Awards (Platinum) in 2012.