ITE Central - environmentally, socially sustainable

11 Aug 2014

The design for the third and final instalment of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)’s regional campuses reflects lifelong learning, where there is no start or stop points, creating “a college of creativity and innovation”. The Jan-Feb 2014 issue of the FutureArc magazine focused on its environmental and socially sustainable approach.

The ITE Headquarters and ITE Central @ Ang Mo Kio is made up of 10 blocks, consisting of an administration block, four school blocks, three workshop blocks, an aerospace block and a sports complex. A centrepiece in the design is the “Inspirational Zone”. It has many references points, according to the article, including the atrium, forum and amphitheatre, enabling 10,000 students to navigate easily across four schools.

Its sustainable architecture includes one of the largest Green Wall, series of themed gardens, water features and the green and open spaces inserted into various parts of the campus. These help to promote a green-conscious culture amongst students, teachers and visitors.

Socially sustainable

Besides the green building practices, the design also created an environment that was user-centric. The article notes that break-out spaces, sky bridges and shared facilities were used strategically to create opportunities for interaction amongst students, staff and the public across the campus.

There was also a strong emphasis on connectivity, resulting in a design that was pedestrian-friendly. Efforts were also made to segregate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.